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Brushed parts order


OK / 750 Euro - 1 x Rainbow DLC coated brushed ORCA inner case with ETA/SW movement, Damascus Sandwich Dial with the cut out style of Black Dial 4, handset 2 and 4mm domed sapphire crystal 


OK / 530 Euro - 1 x Rainbow DLC coated brushed ORCA Diver case + Rainbow DLC coated ORCA brushed turbine bezel + minimalistic sapphire inlay with dot lume

OK / 530 Euro - 1 x Rainbow DLC coated brushed ORCA Dress case + Rainbow DLC coated ORCA brushed turbine bezel + 60secs sapphire inlay

OK / 530 Euro - 1 x Rainbow DLC coated brushed ORCA Classic case + Rainbow DLC coated ORCA brushed rectangle bezel + 60secs sapphire inlay

OK / 530 Euro - 1 x Rainbow DLC coated brushed ORCA Vintage case + Rainbow DLC coated ORCA brushed square bezel + 60secs sapphire inlay

OK / 530 Euro - Torpedo case is OK, but minimalistic bezel is not coated / turbine + square + rectangle bezel is available - 1 x Rainbow DLC coated brushed ORCA Torpedo case + Rainbow DLC coated ORCA brushed minimalistic steel bezel


Not produced - 1 x Rainbow DLC coated brushed ORCA Mono 1 case

OK / 400 Euro - 1 x Rainbow DLC coated brushed ORCA Mono 2 case

FOC / Not produced / instead I will give you TWO POLISHED BRACELETS FREE OF CHARGE incl. Torpedo end links - 2 x Rainbow DLC coated brushed H2O non-tapering 24mm bracelet with the straight lug end

OK / 2x 125 Euro = 250 Euro - 2 x 24mm H2O Black Rubber Strap with Rainbow DLC coated brushed butterfly claps


OK / 2x 70 Euro = 140 Euro - 2 x 24mm Rainbow DLC coated H2O brushed buckle that can be used for H2O leather straps

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